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Event Planning

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When planning a party, the importance of finding the right party venue can’t be emphasized enough. It’s a critical aspect in determining the overall success of your party not only in style but also in your ability to enjoy it. You want to simply sit back and enjoy your party, so it’s up to the venue to make sure the service, the food and beverages, flowers, music and everything runs smoothly. To make your party venue selection faster & convenient, we have come up with the following tips.

Cost of the venue:

While you may wish to throw the most ellaborate party, you’d want to keep your venue cost to minimum. In most venues certain days of the week cost less. If you could be flexible with your party dates, this should be taken into account. Moreover, if you want to your event to be stress free and more affordable pick a venue that offers venue hire & catering in one package.


You have possibly already considered this. For a local event, you may be seeking a venue within a reasonable reach of most attendees’ homes or offices. If most of the attendees have to travel from out of town, a party venue close to the airport or their hotel will be helpful. In either case, don’t forget to take into account transportation, traffic, and parking options.

Size matters:

Bigger does not always mean better especially when it comes to choose a party venue. No doubt, renting a venue that will fit your whole group is critical – as you don’t wish your invitees feeling cramped & unable to move around the venue. Nonetheless, being in a venue that is simply too big can feel bare & too sparse! Sometimes when an event venue is too large, it can hinder the décor – ensure that when everything comes together it’ll look great & be functional for a party at the same time. If you’re integrating team building into the event, you might wish to check with your event planner prior to booking a venue to ensure there’s ample room for the activity.


Does your selected venue provide different layout options? No two events are the same! So choose a venue that can cater for your unique styles & seating arrangements. Ask your venue if they can offer you with a floor plan keeping your event in mind.

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Mothers Day Special at Siricos

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If there is one person on earth who gave the most to us, it’s undoubtedly our mothers. In fact, we owe our very existence to our Moms because they carried us safely for nine months and brought us into this beautiful world. Thankfully, there is a day devoted to celebrating life with her, reflect on the many memories you’ve shared and also create new ones. A mothers love echos through generations and help unify the bonds of family. So to help you make your supermom feel special this Mother’s Day, we’ve come up with a list of ideas to share with you. Let’s check them out:

Consider the dynamic story of her life and create a photo album with all the photos from her childhood till date: A storyline will develop that she can treasure forever with simple pictures and notes.

Contact your aunts, uncles, cousins or friends who have been a part of her story over the years. Photos of grandparents, grandchildren, etc. all the people who have meaning and pull together photos of her childhood, college days, marriage, events and holidays that may be gathering dust from albums at home. Note the stories associated with each of the images, and prepare a photo album with those notes. Recalling all those old memories in the tangible form of an album will surely put a bright smile on her face.

Buy or make her a gift:

A thoughtful gift is another way to show your love and make her smile. It can be something she has been looking at for quite some time or something she may never thought of. Think about giving her a personalized gift that shows you’ve put some effort in such as an object with her initials carved into it or supplies for a hobby she loves.

Pamper her with a spa treatment:

She’s possibly exhausted from doing the daily household chores or being on her feet doing the grocery shopping. She deserves some time to unwind and take a moment to care for herself. Check out a nearby salon to pamper her with a spa treatment. There are many to choose from in every price range and she’s definitely going to love it.

Give her flowers:

Every girl on the planet loves flowers because they add so much color and the act of giving a bouquet itself is so lovable. You can show your mother love by offering her flowers that suits her personality. Or, if you know her favorite, give her that instead.

Throw a family party:

It could be just you and your mom or your father, siblings, or all her mates & their families. A small party will definitely add spark to her day, and she won’t have enough words to thank you when it’s over. Don’t let your mom cook on this special day, instead have it catered by someone who understands how to prepare an exciting meal while hosting a great party. A pro service like Sirico’s Caterers in Brooklyn, NY can help you right away. Our Unlimited Deluxe Buffet brings dining out on Mothers Day to a whole new level. You will enjoy all your favorite Italian dishes including Rigatoni Filet de Pomodori, Tortellini Alfredo, Cavatelli w/Broccoli Rabe, Meatballs, Penne Vodka, Eggplant Rollatini, Fried Zucchini, Veal Saltimbocca, Chicken Piccata, Fried Calamari, Baked Clams, Mussels Bianco, a Craving Station with Steak, Pork, Turkey as well as Full Salad Bar and Viennese Tables. Sirico’s Catering facility isn’t just modern & festive but also quite chic. One of New York’s leading design firms designed our banquet hall so you’ll have an exceptional dining experience with vaulted ceiling, lighted dance floor, and a 50ft long skylight.

This idea is one that everyone will enjoy!  The Unlimited Deluxe Buffet at Sirico’s Caterers in Brooklyn, NY. Get ready to experience the very best. Your mother will love it and your guests will remember this for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning now and put some of these ideas into effect so you make sure that you’ll make your Mom feel special this Mother’s Day.

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Valentines Day Event Venue in Brooklyn

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February is the month when love is in the air, and everybody is overwhelmed with romance. Partying is irrefutable, and the right location such as an Event Venue in Brooklyn, New York can speak to your heart with astonishing arrangements, decorations, palatable finger-licking cuisines for guests to savor along with fun activities can make your party memorable. Five things a Catering Hall in Brooklyn, New York can do for you to let this Valentine’s Day party imbued with love.


You can be in any stage of your relationship, selecting a theme would help you to create a feeling of fun, friendship and love. You can select one from a myriad of themes suggested by managers. The themes also include Valentine’s Day themed weddings, office staff and employees, friends, singles, and your beloved, etc.


The decorations will follow the theme of the party. Apart from red heart-shaped balloons, red table covers, head boppers, cupid cut-outs, heart swirls, and red roses you can also personalize the decorations with banners, centre pieces, sign-in boards, photo booths, a life-size cutout, etc.


You might have heard your granny saying, “The way to the heart is through the stomach.”  The management staff at a great Catering Hall in Brooklyn, New York keeps this in mind and put their most delicious food on the table. You can also seek suggestions about the menu and discuss your preferences with them.


You can select the activities according to your theme. There are different kinds of activities for kids and adults. This is the significant benefit of hosting a party in a catering hall instead of the home is that you can enjoy unique and exciting activities without the worry of clean-up. They also understand that a romantic mood is key and will play relevant songs which will enthrall you and your guests.

Party Favors

A unique party favor will help your guests remember the memorable moments of the party even after the festivities have ended. You can also personalize the favors and present them to the guests as part of their party experience.

Booking a great Event Venue in Brooklyn, New York would help you to make this Valentine’s Day party the best it can be. Garner some memories from the moments you’ll share to make you feel love and romance for the rest of the year.

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Corporate Holiday Party in Brooklyn, NYC

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A memorable corporate holiday party begins with a reputable venue and tasty menu. The holiday season is here, as a business owner or HR manager you are probably thinking about organizing a corporate holiday party. Are you feeling the burden of planning a corporate holiday party? Is your business located in Queen, Brooklyn or NYC?

Then rely on Siricos! Sirico’s Caterers is one of the leading and most well-known caterers in Brooklyn, NY. We are proud to offer exceptional menu options combined with top-notch service to New York’s corporate community. Give your employees and guests a memorable corporate holiday party at an elegant venue that will be the hit of the season!

Sirico’s professional chefs will create an amazing menu of tasty options like chicken, beef, pork, lamb and pleasing seafood dishes, with garden fresh options that will leave your employees and guests satisfied.

Here are the most popular and tempting menu ideas for corporate holiday parties:

  1. Include a Wide Range of Stations:

By offering a wide range of stations, you will give your guests the choice of enjoying delectable cuisine from NYC’s best chefs. This will eliminate the wait on a long buffet line. Your corporate holiday party guests and employees will enjoy quicker access to a variety of tasty dishes with custom plating.

  1. Keep it Light:

If you want to limit heavy or fried foods, then Sirico’s veggan chef will make sure your guests are offered the fresh grown ingredients they want with tasty fresh ingredients to please any palette. For sure, your guest and employees will love and enjoy the crunchier, lighter and healthier fare.

  1. International Foods:

Our professional chefs are capable of serving the best international cuisines that will make your corporate holiday party a memorable and exotic one. Whether it is classic Italian favorites, Mediterranean dishes or Persian dishes, our experienced chefs will create a menu that will satisfy the most discerning tastes and leave the attendees content and happy.

  1. The Bacon Lovers Elements:

Today, the bacon-infused menu is considered to be one of the top trends of event catering in Brooklyn, NY. This menu includes bacon-wrapped scallops and vegetable, meat dishes prepared with bacon or bacon add-ons to custom dishes.irico’s Caterers’ facility is a modern and festive venue in Brooklyn, NY where you can organize a memorable corporate holiday party. Whether you want to have a twilight or daylight affair, Sirico’s spacious and elegant venue will prove to be the best choice. Sirico’s facility has a unique dining environment, lighted dance floor, vaulted ceiling and a 50 foot long skylight that creates a wonderful setting.

Contact us today for making the reservation and enjoy a peace of mind as we will take care of all your needs! PHONE (718) 331-2900

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Siricos Caterers

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“Organizing a corporate event” – It may seem like a simple request to handle, but the many decisions you have to make while arranging a corporate event can make it a hectic experience. Among others choosing a corporate meeting venue is the first and foremost decision. It will have a crucial impact on the event planning. Is the event date available, what are the catering options, how is the food, will attendees enjoy the experience. These are just a few of the corporate event planning decisions that are affected by venue selection.

Corporate Event Venues: Time to Make a Big Decision

The earlier you choose a corporate event venue, the better your event options will be. Budget, space requirement and event size estimation are the prime considerations. You should have a thorough understanding of what you need before you start searching for a corporate conference venue. An advanced booking 3-6 months early will give you the peace of mind and needed time to arrange other crucial event planning options, such as a corporate catering service, preparation of guest invitations, presentation or themed materials and others.

Careful consideration of venue location, available parking, venue capacity, corporate catering charges, food & beverage, service quality, available amenities, venue event activities, layout selection, ambiance of the location, accessibility, acoustics, and conference venue costs are just a few important considerations that can greatly affect the success of your next corporate event. A professional event planning service can help you to arrange and manage all of the above mentioned factors easily and effectively within your timeframe and budget.

Planning to Select a Corporate Meeting Venue in Brooklyn? Why Sirico’s Caterers Should Be Your First Choice!

Brooklyn, NY is not an easy place to book a corporate event venue. Due to high demand & continuously rising cost for event venues in Brooklyn, NY; it’s near to impossible to reserve a high end corporate event catering service provider here with your prefixed budget… not anymore! At Sirico’s Caterers, searchers of top notch corporate meeting venues in Brooklyn can get what they have been looking for.

From luxury amenities to exclusive conference venues, proficient event planning services, and the finest corporate catering services in Brooklyn, NY; Sirico’s is an all-in-all and deluxe corporate event catering facility that will fit within your budget. The highly elegant corporate meeting venues, multiple selections of banquet halls, friendly, well-mannered & trained staffs, and most of all the convenient location of our venues right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY makes Sirico’s undoubtedly the ultimate choice for your next corporate event venue.

A Solid Trust of 90 Years in Business

From 1925, Sirico’s Caterers has been the top choice for event planners for both corporate and social events. Let Sirico’s serve your corporate event needs, and we will serve beyond your expectations while taking best care of your event needs. For corporate event planning, venue booking, & catering services; give us a ring at (718) 331-2900 right now. You can also check our website at https://siricos.net to get more exciting details on our services.

Always HAPPY to serve you… Sirico’s

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Siricos Caterers

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When you’re hosting a party, you’re not only inviting people but responsibilities also. In a fast-moving city like Brooklyn, it can become a burdensome task to find a suitable venue from various Brooklyn Catering Halls, that will satisfy your taste and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Whether it is a birthday party or a retirement event, wedding reception or a corporate meeting, there’s a responsibility of the organizer to ensure that everything falls into place. SIRICO’S is an event planning and catering service organization that proves to be a final destination for savvy party planners and event organizers whenever they are hosting any kind of social gathering. SIRICO’S, not only promises to provide spectacular food and excellent service but also to add charm and elegance to the memories you’re creating.


  • Delicious Gourmet Cuisine
    What brings sparkles to one’s eye better than the cuisine at an event? Parties are incomplete without the presence of mouth-watering cuisine and a diverse menu. SIRICO’S, being one of the best catering services in Brooklyn, NY, offers organizers a delightful multi-course menu to choose from as per the requirement of the occasion at affordable prices.
  • Convenient Location
    While checking in on an occasion, people often find themselves fussing with the Google maps to trace the correct location. Well, SIRICO’S won’t give you or your guests any such problem since; it is located at a very easy to address in Dyker Heights Brooklyn.
  • 3 Luxurious Banquet Halls
    SIRICO’S offers 3 aesthetic and alluring banquet halls that can be customized and decorated as per the requirement of the event. All three halls are beautifully designed with style and elegance with enough space to be able to host a huge gathering. Of all the beautiful Brooklyn Wedding Venues that are generally extravagant to one’s pocket, SIRICO’S is an exception as we provide exquisite venues and expert services all at reasonable prices.
  • Professional, cooperative staff
    SIRICO’s has a cooperative team of devoted members that work with immense dedication to weave the dreams of a perfect plan into every occasion. This type of dedication provides you with long lasting memories and a smooth stress-free event.
  • Your Perfect Occasion
    Lastly, the best thing that SIRICO’S offers is help planning your perfect occasion. If you’re searching for the dream location for your wedding, SIRICO’S is the perfect venue for you. Of all the wedding reception venues in Brooklyn, NY. SIRICO’S proves to be a promising and alluring choice because of their affluent services and planning expertise.

SIRICO’S proves to be a perfect choice for corporate clients as well. The event planners ensure you a healthy, well appointed atmosphere by providing the most reliable corporate catering services in Brooklyn, NY.


Since SIRICO’S provides a full range of impressive services, you can put their faith in the experts who specialize in providing exquisite service for your dream occasion sealed in perfection. So, if you’re soon getting hitched or are a potential organizer for an occasion, believe in the services of SIRICO’s, for they serve happiness to every guest.

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Mothers Day at Siricos

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As Mother’s Day is just few days away, most of us are getting prepared to make the super-lady in our life feel appreciated. Whether you choose a gift, tour her around the city, write a heartfelt note, or help her around the house; your Mother’s Day surprise must come from the heart. It doesn’t need to be complicated, extravagant or expensive, but it should be heart-touching and thoughtful.

We have prepared a full Mother’s Day plan for you to surprise your mums in the best possible way. So, let’s get started with our plan.

A Pampering Morning Treatment

Show that you appreciate her hard work by spoiling her for the day. Give her the chance to relax and enjoy her morning coffee with breakfast in bed.Let someone else in the family take care of her Daley chores for the day. Also, don’t forget to bring her some fresh, aromatic, colorful flowers for the decor.

Tell Her How Much You Care

Nothing will surprise her more than a flashback of your favorite memories with your her. Search for souvenirs, photos, mementos, of special treasured moments with your mom. tell her how those memories with her have impacted your life, and make sure that the most important lady in your life knows that you value your time together with her.

A Pleasant Buffet Lunch

Although making a special meal on your own is a great idea, what if your culinary skills aren’t up to par. Well worry not; we have the perfect plan for you. How about booking a special Mother’s Day dinner for her? This Mother’s Day, Sirico’s Caterers is arranging a wonderful dining event for your special lady featuring exclusive Italian Cuisines, Viennese Table, Carving Station and Salad Bar. The excellent menu options will delight your mom on her special day. Sirico’s will present a five-star dining experience and so much more.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? You can book Sirico’s special Mother’s Day Buffet with just a call to 718-331-2900. The best thing is you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to surprise your mom on her special day. Just pay a small amount of $45/adult and $25/children and enjoy a five-star buffet with your family and friends.

And to finish off the day, hand her a heart-warming Mother’s Day note hand written by you. Be thoughtful, your special note doesn’t need to be wordy or complex. Tell her how much you love her and a few reasons why you appreciate her. Well, that’s all from our side. Start early, plan your surprise for Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to book your unlimited deluxe buffet at Sirico’s today.

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Carnevale Event 2018 in Brooklyn NY.

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On Feb 3rd, 2018, Sirico’s is hosting a spectacular, joyful event of dining and dancing to celebrate the Carnevale with the famous The Caleps DJ’s. Delight your friends and family with an evening of fun and laughter at this annual Mardi Gras event that Sirico’s is hosting in conjunction with The Caleps Entertainment Group.

What is a Carnevale Event?

Carnevale is also known as mardi grass event. This is an annual event, which is celebrated 40 days before Easter and considered as a final party before Ash Wednesday. Carnevale event marks the beginning of Lent (the period of 40 days before Easter) during which no meat is eaten.

About The Caleps Entertainment Group:

The Caleps Entertainment Group is an extraordinary entertainment company in Brooklyn NY. They are the experts in arranging lively and enjoyable entertainment for all occasions.

About Sirico’s:

Sirico’s has earned an outstanding reputation as an elegant party venue in Brooklyn NY. Our beautiful event venue is known for providing decades of quality service, excellent menu options and fun exciting events. Siricos is the best choice for entertaining parties, celebrations and wedding receptions in Brooklyn NY.

About Annual Carnevale or Mardi Gras Event:

Date: 3 February 2018, Saturday
Time: Starts at 8 PM
Venue: Sirico’s Catering Hall 8023 13th Avenue, Brooklyn
Price: $95 per person
Contact Number for Booking Tickets: 718-331-2900

Highlights of the Annual Carnevale or Mardi Gras Event:

1. Full Cocktail Hour
2. Full Sit Down Dinner
3. Open Bar All Night
4. Spectacular Shows
5. Live Entertainment with The Caleps DJ’s All Night Long

Book Your Tickets for the Annual Carnevale or Mardi Gras Event:

Do you want to be a part of the Annual Carnevale or Mardi Gras Event in Brooklyn, NY?
To be a part of The Caleps Entertainment Annual Carnevale Mardi Gras Event, make sure to book the tickets and group tables today by contacting Sirico’s at 718-331-2900!

Act now to make your Carnevale celebration night memorable, entertaining and enjoyable.
Limited Seating!! Call Today! Visit www.siricos.net.

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New Year Eve at Siricos

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Do you want to celebrate the New Year with High Energy? Then get prepared to ring in 2018 at Sirico’s. For an awe-inspiring and over-the-top New Year celebration, Sirico’s is organizing a New Year Eve 2018 bash.

Why Sirico’s?

Brooklyn’s most modern catering hall, with uniquely fashioned skylights (that bring the outdoors in); Sirico’s offers a touch of elegance. This makes it a perfect place to ring in 2018 with style, sophistication, and fun.

How much to Spent to be a part of Sirico’s New Year Eve 2018 Party? 

You can be a part of our wonderful, highly energetic New Year’s Eve 2018 celebration by just spending only an amount of $155 incl. tax and gratuity.

When does the cocktail hour start?

We believe the New Year’s Eve night is your night. To fill up the night with enthusiasm and set you the right mood, our cocktail hour starts at 7:30 pm and it features around 24 items.

What are the eating and drinking specials?

On the New Year’s Eve 2018 celebration, Sirico’s have some exclusive eating and drinking specials to satisfy the taste buds and quench your thirst.

  1. Delicious Dinner Treat to Die for: Penne Vodka or Rigatoni Filet di Pomidori prepared by the most experienced and professional chef in Brooklyn, NY at Sirico’s.
  2. Some Awesome Choices are there too: Filet Mignon, Broiled Salmon, Chicken Florentine and Shrimp Arreganado
  3. Champagne served at the Midnight: to welcome the New Year with a glass of Champagne
  4. Unlimited Liquor: for the wine lovers

What about the Entertainment factor?

To light up the New Year’s Eve 2018 celebration, Sirico’s has arranged a high-end entertainment like:

  1. Live music performed and played by the Xtreme Rhythm DJ
  2. To create a high voltage effect and awe-inspiring momentum, Sirico’s have arranged a live streaming or live TV broadcast from the hot and happening New York’s Times Square to watch the World-Famous Times Square Ball Drop.

What about parking?

As an elegant party venue in Brooklyn NY, Sirico’s has extensive years of experience in hosting specialized events like wedding receptions, sweet 16 parties and more.

To offer our customers the comfort, convenience and complete peace of mind for enjoying the New Year Eve’s 2018 bash, we are providing valet parking facility.

Book a Ticket today:

To make your last night of 2017 memorable and welcome 2018 with great enthusiasm, contact Sirico’s Caterers today to buy a ticket for being a part of our high-voltage New Year’s Eve 2018.

For buying New Year’s Eve 2018 party ticket at just $155, call us today at 718-331-2900!

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Alexandra Sweet 16 Party

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Every teenage girl dreams of having the perfect and fun-filled sweet sixteen party. If your daughter’s 16th birthday is coming up, then there are some special consideration to keep in mind to allow her and the guests having the utmost fun and enjoyment.

To make the young person’s 16 party a fun and momentous occasion, you can consider some popular mocktails.  This will help your sweetheart to celebrate this fantastic rite of passage with stylishly delicious, grown-up looking and alcohol-free drinks.

Please have a look at the hot, happening and trending alcohol-free sweet cocktails for a memorable Sweet 16 party:

  1. A Glass full of Fruit Ice Cubes:

 Isn’t this sound interesting? The fruit-filled ice cubes can even make a simple glass of water look like a tasty summer-inspired cocktail. You can simply add the fruit ice cubes in a tall glass and pour the lemonade over the cubes to enjoy a delicious alcohol-free drink.

  1. Say Cheers to a Glass of Virgin Mojitos:

A glass of virgin mojitos is delicious and oh-so pretty mocktails that your daughter and her friends would love the most. To make a glass of virgin mojitos, you need to muddle or crush the mint in a glass, then add sugar, lime juice, and ice. Then top it with ginger ale, club soda or sparkling water and voila. Your drink is ready to enjoy!

  1. Midsummer Dream Mocktail:

This is a faux cocktail, which is also known as a Midsummer Dream Mocktail. This cocktail is perfect for a Shakespearean or period themed Sweet 16 party. To prepare this delicious non-alcoholic mocktail, you need to muddle or crush the strawberries in the bottom of a shaker. Then add to it lemon juice, soft drink, and strawberry jam. Fill a tumbler with more ice and then strain the drink into it. Make sure to top it with soda water and add strawberry and mint for garnishing.

  1. Yummy Virgin Twisted Strawberry Colada:

You can serve this tasty drink in a classic margarita glass to give it a faux-tastic experience of enjoying yummy mocktail. In a tall glass, pour water and strawberry daiquiri concentrate to create twists and then place a squirt of whipped cream on the top.

  1. Instant Strawberry Basil Lime Cocktail:

To make this delicious mocktail, you need strawberries, basil, lime, coconut water or sparkling water, crushed ice and chia seeds. You can serve this ultra yummy smoothie cum mocktail, pour it into a fancy glass and garnish with a whimsical straw.

A sweet 16 party should best represent the birthday girl!

To make the special occasion memorable and exciting, you need to stock your makeup bags, shop for your princess dress, book a magnificent venue, select shimmery favors and consult the best event planners.

The above mentioned yummy non-alcoholic mocktails will make your daughter and her young guests will feel extremely chic!

Get ready to say cheers in a non-alcoholic way!

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